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    I offer a first 20 minute free discovery call. This is usually over the phone, email or can be via zoom. This is to give you the opportunity to talk about your issue and what you aspire to achieve. It will also give you time to ask any questions. We shall then both have a clear idea of what you would like to achieve from hypnotherapy or coaching. You shall also have an understanding of the positive result and transformation that you can achieve. This gives me the opportunity to explore your presenting issue to help start to an assessment plan together. We shall confirm if you would like to proceed with treatment whether you prefer your appointment in-person or online. From here we shall make your first appointment and start you moving forward on your journey. During the first full session we shall explore your presenting issue in more detail. If you are having hypnotherapy, you shall receive a relaxation hypnosis with ego strengthening suggestions to help you leave feeling confident, motivated and refreshed about your goal. If you are having coaching, then you shall leave with a clearer 'why' and small goals/steps to move you forward.
    Full payment is required 48 hours before appointment when booked in advance.
    I do appreciate that life does get in the way sometimes however, by booking an appointment it is about you allowing and giving yourself permission to commit to have your time. I will always try to move your appointment at a time that works for both. However, I ask that I am notified of your request to cancel an appointment no less than 48 hours before the appointment is due. Appointments cancelled after this time or non attendance may be charged and any future appointments may be cancelled.
    Dip Certificate in Hypnotherapy CS NLP Master Practitioner Kinetic Shift Technique Practitioner - Qualified via Karl Smith, UK Hypnosis Academy Chrysalis Counselling and Theory - Level 4 Counselling & Psychotherapy Diploma Level 3 Certificate in Stress Management Certificate in Weight Management
    The National Hypnotherapy Society - Registered No. 3739912 The National Counselling Society - registered No. 5861051 I comply with their Code of Ethics to ensure that you, receive treatment to the best of my ability. For more information on those, please visit their websites: and A member of the Hypnotherapy Directory.
    Sessions can take place face-to-face at my therapy room, or I am happy to conduct hypnotherapy or coaching online via Zoom or Teams. The session online will be carried out in exactly the same format, it is just what you are most comfortable with or logistically practical. Each session usually takes 60 minutes however if a client would prefer a longer session of 90 minutes this can be agreed beforehand. The extra time may be for talking or an extended hypnosis, NLP technique or coaching. The therapy session will cover a follow-up from the previous week and where the client may feel they need stronger suggestions will be added to their suggestion. Although a plan may be in place, if the client wishes to focus their time on another aspect or something they noticed triggered them during the week, this can be discussed and the hypnosis adapted. Throughout hypnotherapy you are in control and you, with my help, support and guidance will work to achieve your goal. Following the hypnotherapy or coaching session, you shall receive a summary of what was covered with any goals discussed.
    Your confidentiality is essential to help unsettle any unnecessary nerves. ​ All sessions are conducted in a completely professional and confidential manner. ​ Should it become apparent during our initial conversation or therapy sessions that your GP may need to be consulted, I will need you to gain permission from your GP to continue. I can supply the wording for this via email. ​ Should you not be in agreement to do so, then we shall, unfortunately, have to part-ways.
    I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) as I hold your personal details. I take your privacy very seriously, and all data is held securely and confidentially, in accordance with the guidelines set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
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