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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP natural language processing cognitive computing technology concept on virtual screen..

NLP for the client is far more interactive than hypnotherapy and so if you would like to explore your emotions and many other aspects of how you become you which is affecting, for example, your limiting beliefs to start a business, enter a half-marathon, then NLP is excellent for this.


You may be excellent with your ability at work, sport, learning, with the children and running a home, or running your business and yet somewhere in your thoughts you feel ‘less than’, not good enough and faking. Many of those negatives thoughts can come from childhood and it is a case of detecting it and reprogramming the new emotion/thought/value.

NLP enables us to go forward in a positive way by reprogramming thoughts, tapping into the emotions connected to them to change behaviour and attitudes helping people live happier and more fulfilled lives.


Thoughts = feelings = behaviour = action

Below are just some examples of how NLP can help you:


Our thoughts create a feeling
Our feeling creates a behaviour
Our behaviour creates an action
and repeat ......

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